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‘You’ll hear it from me,’ Mark Zuckerberg calls out Elon Musk

File photos of Mark Zuckerberg (left) and Elon Musk. —

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg has recently called X owner Elon Musk for spreading rumours about the much-anticipated cage fight between the two without any consultation. 

Taking to his recently-launched application Threads, Zuckerberg wrote that nothing his older counterpart had said about the fight was true.

“I love this sport, and I’ve been ready to fight since the day Elon challenged me.

If he ever agrees on an actual date, you’ll hear it from me. Until then, please assume anything he says has not been agreed on,” the Facebook founder wrote.

Youll hear it from me, Mark Zuckerberg calls out Elon Musk

Zuckerberg’s tone clearly implies that he’s not so happy with Musk’s daily updates that aren’t leading anywhere and seems to be calling out the Twitter chief for his bluff.

The Meta chief executive officer further seemed to shoot down Musk’s announcement earlier that the fight would take place in Italy.

He wrote: “Not holding my breath for Elon, but I’ll share details on my next fight when I’m ready.

“When I compete, I want to do it in a way that puts a spotlight on the elite athletes at the top of the game. You do that by working with professional orgs like the UFC or ONE to pull this off well and create a great card.”

Yesterday, Musk once again posted updates of the event, saying that the fight would indeed take place in the Colosseum in Italy.

“The fight will be managed by my and Zuck’s foundations (not UFC). Livestream will be on this platform and Meta.

Everything in camera frame will be ancient Rome, so nothing modern at all.

I spoke to the PM of Italy and Minister of Culture. They have agreed on an epic location,” the SpaceX CEO tweeted.

Throughout the past week, the South Africa-born American billionaire left multiple posts on his official handle on X, formerly Twitter, referring to his fight with Zuckerberg.

On August 6, he announced that the fight would be streamed live on X while the proceeds would go to veterans.

In a separate post, he shared he was taking weights to work to train for the epic face-off that has fans waiting with bated breath.

Fans were thrilled, it seemed that the much-awaited brawl of the billionaires was finally going to happen.

However, it seems that Musk may have been making those decisions unilaterally and Zuckerberg is not happy with that. He, for one, clearly wants UFC to be involved in the fight.

Earlier, he had suggested August 26 for the anticipated showdown, but apparently did not get a response.

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