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Watch: Kerala Bus Driver’s Calmness Saves The Day As Wild Elephant Blocks Way – News18

Last Updated: August 13, 2023, 03:00 IST

The incident took place on a road in the Sholayar reserve forest. (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Footage circulating on social media shows the bus driver asking passengers to remain calm when the elephant blocks the road.

Encountering confrontations with wild animals at green corridors is inevitable but it is extremely important to remain calm during such occurrences to avoid life-threatening mishaps. This Kerala driver’s quick thinking while coming across a wild elephant has now become a great testimony to the fact. Footage circulating on social media shows a KSRTC bus driver, asking passengers to remain calm when an elephant ended up blocking their pathway. It is suggested that commuters grew quite restless upon the occurrence of the incident and it was the driver’s composed antics that brought a sense of relief in the crowd.

Initially, the elephant is seen standing right in front of the vehicle, barely moving which leads the bus to come to a standstill. For a moment, the wild mammal backs off but upon watching the vehicle move again the elephant reappears crossing the narrow path. It remains stationed in front for a brief moment before turning around in circles. At one point, the animal also walks dangerously close to the bus, while the driver is seemingly encouraging people to maintain a calm and peaceful composure. The gentle giant then turns out and begins to walk away from the vehicle, but the narrow road doesn’t allow the driver enough space to make an escape.

Vehicles on both sides of the road can be seen patiently waiting for the elephant to empty the road. It takes about 2 minutes before the elephant makes his way inside the forest. The Kerala bus driver takes the opportunity to drive the vehicle away, but he carefully also watches the elephant’s moments passing from the side. Take a look at the video here:

The bus driver reportedly advised passengers to remain calm and draw the curtains of the vehicle if they feel uneasy. Moreover, he claimed to have known the elephant adding it isn’t the first time the wild animal has blocked the path of vehicles.

Upon watching the clip, many social media users lauded the peaceful antics and quick thinking of the Kerala driver.

A user commented, “The driver seems to know the elephant since he has been driving through this route. He is calm and tells the people to remain calm. Awesome.” Another translated what the driver is advising in the video, “The driver is saying – he won’t hurt us, he knows him well, names him kabbali, don’t be afraid.” One more called it a great, “Example that everything can be resolved through dialogue.” Meanwhile, a user theorized, “Seems like the elephants want some treats of the town.”

The incident reportedly took place on the route that passes through the Sholayar Reserve forest.

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