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Try Coorg-Style Ghee Rice Recipe For A Perfect Weekend

For food enthusiasts like us, weekends are all about creating new dishes and enjoying them with friends and family. However, there are days when we prefer to keep the menu simple; opting for quick, yet delectable options. Today happens to be one such weekend where an elaborate meal is not on our agenda. Thus, we’ve decided to prepare a simple chicken curry accompanied by rice. But hold on, this won’t be your typical steamed rice – we’re giving it a regional twist with a Kodava-style ghee rice recipe.
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What Makes Kodava-Style Ghee Rice Special:

Kodava cuisine originates from the Coorg district of Karnataka. It boasts a unique cooking style in which whole spices take centre stage in every recipe. Traditionally known as “Nei Kul,” this Coorgi ghee rice recipe prominently features the use of cinnamon and cloves to infuse a robust aroma into the dish. Additionally, the rice is prepared with ghee, imparting a delightful richness to the overall flavour.

How Coorgi Ghee Rice Differs From Bengali Pulao:

The components of “Nei Kul” bring to mind Bengali pulao, which also showcases an abundance of cinnamon and cloves, cooked in ghee. Nevertheless, significant differences exist in the cooking methods. In “Nei Kul,” spices, onions, ginger, garlic, and rice are sauteed in ghee before being steamed with water. Conversely, Bengali pulao involves adding fried onions as an optional garnish on top. This variation lacks the use of garlic and leans towards a slightly sweet note that overpowers the dish’s saltiness. Both dishes undoubtedly possess their unique characteristics and complement well with chicken, mutton, or egg-based curries.
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Rice can be turned into some delicious recipes.
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How to Prepare Coorgi Ghee Rice:

For this recipe, we’ve utilised basmati rice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, garlic, onions, salt, and a combination of oil and ghee. Additionally, a touch of sugar has been added to heighten the dish’s savoury undertones. To commence, saute all the ingredients in succession within a pot. Following this, add water, adjust the salt and sugar levels, and allow it to steam. Voila! The key point to remember is to exercise caution when it comes to water – an excessive amount may result in a mushy dish.

Find the step-by-step Nei Kul – Coorgi Ghee Rice recipe here.

With the recipe now at your disposal, we encourage you to try it out in the comfort of your home, ideally paired with a scrumptious chicken curry. We’ve also included a Coorgi chicken curry recipe that perfectly complements this rice. Discover the recipe here

Wishing everyone an indulgent and delightful weekend!

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