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Role of Indian-Americans in politics highlighted by visit of Khanna and Thanedar to India, says US Congress candidate – Times of India

Indian-Americans have been gaining visibility in politics and public life and now as US House representative, Ro Khanna, leads a bipartisan Congressional delegation to India, along with Congressman Michael Waltz. Many are closely following the discussions and engagements.

“The visit of the US congressional delegation to India during the Independence Day celebration underscores the deepening importance of US-India relations, while also reflecting the growing role of Indian-Americans in American politics. America is seeking to amplify economic cooperation, leveraging India’s robust democracy and growth trajectory. Both nations aspire to bolster their strategic and defence alliances, especially within the Indo-Pacific sphere. Undoubtedly, managing competitive dynamics with China will be a focal point too,” Rishi Kumar, who is running as a Democratic candidate in 2024 for the US House of Representatives from California, which is the state that Khanna too represents, told Times of India.
Kumar, who is closely following the discussions being held in India by the Congressional delegation, added that the fact that the US lawmakers are being led by Representative Khanna, and another Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar from Michigan, too, is a member of the group; will serve as a pivotal opportunity to fortify collaborations across numerous sectors. “This growing partnership can bolster regional economic growth and peace, positioning India as a pivotal long term ally for the US,” Kumar, who was an elected city council member from Saratoga, said.

The growing popularity of the game in the US has set the stage for cricket diplomacy which is also best spearheaded by the Indian-American Congressmen, feels Kumar. “The debut of Major League Cricket and the upcoming Cricket World Cup in India, would be an interesting topic of discussion,” he said.
Kumar who earlier ran for US Congress from Silicon Valley’s CA-16 district in November 2022; believes that a solution to the perceived imbalance in the economic interplay between China and the US might lie in a rejuvenated economic alliance between the US and India; a topic that is likely to come up for discussion during the interactions by the Congressional delegation in India, which is being led by Khanna, the co-chair of the Congressional India Caucus.
“Collaborating with India becomes crucial in counteracting China’s push towards dedollarization in the region. Arguably, the US needs a comprehensive strategy that not only protects its interests but also contributes to stability and inclusion in the global financial system. With India poised to become one of the world’s largest economies; deepening ties with India could offer immense benefits to the US, given their shared values, objectives and flourishing democracies,” Kumar said.

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