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Prince Harry ‘has made enemies of William, Camilla and Kate Middleton’

Prince Harry’s rift with King Charles, Prince William and other senior members of  the royal family has reached a boiling point as they do not seem interested to repair their fractured relationship by burying the hatchet.

The ongoing crises within the royal family do not seem to end anytime soon as the senior royals and Harry are making no efforts to melt the ice. There’s even zero communication between the Duke and his father King Charles, sources have told the outlet.

Prince Harry’s royal title has also been removed from the royal family’s website, suggesting as the King has made his mind to take decisive action against the Sussexes.

Sharing their thoughts on the latest development, some experts believe that Harry, who’s enjoying his trip to Asia without his wife Meghan, has been kicked out of the royal family’s inner circle.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson has told Express US that Harry has “made enemies of William and Camilla, even Catherine”.

The situation turned worst after Meghan Markle’s husband Harry’s memoire Spare, in which the Duke targeted King Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Princess Kate. 

The Duke appears taking no prisoners in his book, turning his guns on pretty much every member of the royal family in a raft of savage attacks.

The Prince of Wales and Queen Concert Camilla took the brunt of the accusations across the book’s 416 pages – but Charles and Kate also came in for a kicking.

Meanwhile, True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen, see things in a little different way as he claims: “I’m told that the king continues to reach out to Harry and Meghan and that the door is always open. I think, probably, he more than anybody, wants to repair the relationships. We all know things are still very tense between William and Harry, but I think the king does want to repair [things]. … There is probably an open invitation to visit the king whenever they can. And he would love to see them.”

However, Harry also uses the book to express his love for his family, especially his father and brother, and said he believes “100%” that they can be reunited.

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