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5 Sweet French Toast Recipes That Will Take Your Breakfast To The Next Level

Do you often eat eggs for breakfast? What is your favourite way of preparing them? Many of us enjoy using them to make French Toast. This popular toast – which is not actually French – is temptingly easy to put together. Just a handful of common ingredients, some basic cooking and voila! Lip-smacking French Toast is ready. Basic French toast just requires eggs, bread, milk/ cream, salt and sugar. You can also easily customise it according to your liking, by experimenting with flavourings and toppings. French Toast can be sweet or savoury – different regions across the world have their own varieties. If you’re someone who prefers sweet French toast, we have some unique recipes that you need to try at home.
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French toast is a popular breakfast option. Image Credit: iStock

Here Are 5 Different Recipes For Sweet French Toast You’ll Find Hard To Resist:

1. Simple French Toast

Classic sweet French Toast is in itself deeply satisfying. This version definitely doesn’t require much effort. Apart from the usual ingredients it does contain some orange juice. A subtle yet interesting twist, isn’t it? Find the full recipe here. 

2. Chocolate French Toast

Why not give your regular French Toast a chocolatey upgrade? All you need is some cocoa powder. If you have some chocolate spread as well, you can take it to a whole new level. Try making this choco treat for your weekend breakfast and lose yourself in its yumminess! Complete recipe here

3. Peanut Butter French Toast

You can also use peanut butter to make your own fusion French Toast. The flavour of the peanuts, combined with vanilla and cinnamon is nothing short of heavenly. This toast can also be quickly prepared at home. Here’s the exact recipe

4. Banana Foster French Toast

If you want a truly decadent treat, this banana foster French toast is the recipe for you. Bananas, almonds, hazelnut spread, chocolate chip cookies – this toast has it all! More than a breakfast dish, this toast could be a great choice for an impressive dessert. Click here for the detailed recipe

5. Tiramisu French Toast

Want to enjoy French Toast on a diet? Then this Tiramisu French Toast is here to save the day. This version is made using eggs, almond milk, brown/ multigrain bread, organic stevia and other healthy ingredients. The recipe for this toast was shared by a celebrity nutritionist. Watch the recipe video here

Which of these toast recipes are you going to try first? Do you have your own special version of French Toast? Let us know in the comments below. 

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