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‘My lil baby’: Simone Biles cheers for husband Jonathan Owens at Packers game

Simone is frequenting husband Jonathan Owens’ games amid Olympics’ postponement 

Simone Biles, the 26-year-old Olympic gold medalist, expressed her unwavering support for her husband, Jonathan Owens, in a recent series of Instagram Story posts.

The posts captured her attendance at the Green Bay Packers’ preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Owens, 28, joined the Packers as a free agent in May, shortly after he and Biles had a courthouse wedding ceremony followed by a second celebration in Cabo San Lucas.

In one of the posts, Biles shared a video of Owens on the field, emphasizing his team number and adding the caption “GO 34” alongside a white heart emoji. Another post showcased Biles zooming in on her husband during the game, affectionately referring to him as “My lil baby” in the caption.

She also playfully captioned a clip of Owens on the phone during the game with the words “When he talking to someone during a game but it ain’t you WTF.”

Owens signed his contract with the Packers shortly after tying the knot with Biles in Mexico. Biles celebrated the occasion by posting a photo on Instagram, featuring her and her husband smiling while he signed the contract.

In the caption, she took a momentary break from wedding content to express her support for the Packers, stating “Slight wedding content intermission to say GO PACK GO.”

Owens, who previously played for the Houston Texans, also shared the news on his Instagram, describing it as a fresh start and the perfect end to an amazing week.

He expressed his eagerness to begin his sixth year in the NFL, accompanied by the phrase “Let’s get to work. Year 6 on the way‼️”

Biles frequently attends her husband’s NFL games and considers it one of the positive outcomes of the Olympics’ postponement. 

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