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Queen Camilla shares her hilarious kitchen accidents

Queen Camilla shared what she likes to cook in the kitchen 

While Queen Camilla has had some of the most finest cuisines in the world, the royal still has a preference to keep it simple.

Speaking to You Magazine, she told Tom Parker Bowles, a food critic, that despite being a busy royal she still enjoys a good homecooked meal.

Sharing that when she does get the chance to cook, she enjoys a fish en papillote, which is fish cooked in parchment paper. 

Camilla revealed: “I do still cook for myself when at home. Simple things like fish en papillote with butter and herbs.

“And vegetables from the garden: kale, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots, courgettes, and lots of peas and beans because they freeze so well.”

However, Camilla said that she has her fair share of “kitchen disasters” which “could fill a book”.

She admitted that she does not have the affinity for baking and that there were many “poor, incinerated” baked potatoes.

Beaming over her produce: “I love the vegetable garden, and summer in particular. I’m very proud of my white peaches.”

The royal also gave a snippet of King Charles as she shared that the two would get very “competitive” over their fruits and vegetables. 

“My husband is an excellent gardener, and we’re quite competitive about our fruit and vegetables.”

The Queen added that her love for gardening and growing her own vegetables came from her early days as a child.

She said that when she was little, her family “grew everything from tomatoes and melons to peas, beans, carrots and new potatoes”.

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