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Prince Harry looks ‘fully in charge’ as he enjoys trial separation from Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who have apparently taken a trial separation four years into their marriage, seem happier than ever as they are having fun with their pals while staying away from each other.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly decided to give space to each other to resolve their differences and go forward stronger than ever amid ongoing crisis.

According to an insider, Harry and Meghan were suffering from stress and anxiety under financial pressure to fund their lavish California lifestyle after being snubbed by Spotify. That stress, coupled with their emotional issues, made life a living hell and pushed them to a take time apart on different continents.

Now, Meghan is reportedly staying in their Montecito mansion with her children, While Harry is enjoying his trip to Asia.

Royal biographer Angela Levin previously predicted that Harry and Meghan may separate slowly, but she believes things will end badly.

Tom Bower, a journalist and expert on the British royal household, also claimed that the Sussexes have begun to live independently and separately after being tired of each other.

King Charles III’s younger son Harry attended the Sentebale Polo Cup in Singapore on Saturday (August 12) where he helped raise funds to support to young people living with HIV.

Body language expert Judi James has analysed Harry’s new pictures from his trip and told the Mirror that the royal is “upbeat, happy, carefree and relaxed” without Meghan Markle. She added that the Duke also looked “fully in charge” as he soaked up “positive attention”.

James said: “Harry is looking at his most upbeat, happy, carefree and relaxed here in an environment that must feel reassuringly royal, macho and familiar to him. He looks fully in charge here and soaking up positive attention and adoration with what is almost an overkill smile.”

She added: “Every feature is emphatic and exaggerated, from the eye crinkles to the stretched lips and clenched teeth. These smiles are congruent though, showing exactly how happy Harry is to be back on his old stomping ground again.”

On the other hand Meghan Markle also appeared enjoying her trial separation from Harry with pals as could not resist the allure of Taylor Swift’s thrilling performances and attended the Anti-Hero hitmaker’s concert with in Los Angeles day after Harry’s exit from the US.

Meghan, who was accompanied by her close friend Lucy Fraser, was seen among the cheering crowd. She reportedly leapt from her seat and sang along joyfully to the hit track “You Belong with Me.”  She was seen singing along with thousands of other Swifities to the pop star’s numerous chart-topping hits.

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