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Lottie Moss ‘never been close’ with half-sister, Kate doesn’t want relationship

Lottie Moss reveals fractured bond Kate Moss. 

Lottie Moss, recognized as the half-sister of Kate Moss and who once served as a bridesmaid at the supermodel’s 2011 wedding, has revealed that the sibling relationship between her and her famous sister isn’t as harmonious as commonly assumed. 

Despite their shared history, Lottie, who is 24 years younger than Kate, unveiled that their dynamic is not as close as might be expected.

In a conversation with The Sun, Lottie Moss expressed, “Me and my sister have never been close. There is a big age gap.” 

She candidly acknowledged, “She doesn’t have to want to have a relationship with me.” 

Reflecting on her past confusion, Lottie shared, “When I was younger, I couldn’t understand it. I thought: ‘Why is someone in my family not wanting a relationship with me? I don’t get it.'”

Lottie acknowledged, “We just don’t see eye to eye on many things. I love her. She’s my sister, but we’re just not close. It is what it is.” 

The young model, who enjoyed her own successful career, revealed that despite being signed by Storm Models – the same agency that discovered Kate – her journey took a challenging turn. 

The experience brought her face-to-face with a less favorable aspect of the modeling industry, where she felt her life was being “controlled.” 

This led her to make the decision to step away from modeling in 2021, transitioning to the adult content creation platform OnlyFans.

Reflecting on her new path, she expressed contentment, sharing that the environment on OnlyFans is “positive and kind,” and embracing her newfound empowerment through her sexuality.

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