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Guns N’ Roses’ latest track ‘Perhaps’ LEAKS through bar Jukeboxes

Guns N’ Roses’ fresh tune ‘Perhaps’ accidentally revealed.

Over the weekend, an inadvertent leak of a fresh Guns N’ Roses song named Perhaps emerged through the digital jukeboxes commonly found in bars. 

This track, originating from the Chinese Democracy sessions, had been previously showcased by the reunited GN’R as part of a soundtrack before their Tel Aviv performance in June 2023.

Consequently, low-quality recordings of the song had swiftly proliferated online.

Additionally, an early demo version had been circulating among enthusiasts for several years.

Recent weeks witnessed the brief appearance of pre-save pages for Perhaps on streaming platforms, hinting at an intended release date of August 11. 

However, Friday passed without the much-anticipated song making its anticipated debut.

TouchTunes machines dispersed throughout various locations in the United States appeared to have missed the memo regarding the song’s delay.

As a result, Perhaps unexpectedly graced the digital jukeboxes, accompanied by what is believed to be its potential artwork, according to reports from Blabbermouth.

The prospective release of song would signify a notable milestone for Guns N’ Roses, marking their first introduction of “new” music since the unveiling of the singles Hard Skool and Absurd in 2021. 

These two tracks, stemming from the Chinese Democracy era, underwent a revision process under the guidance of the band’s current, partially reunited lineup. 

Both songs have since become integral components of the band’s ongoing “Not in This Lifetime” tour.

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