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Gal Gadot found her Snow White live-action role challenging – Here’s why

Gal Gadot is set to play the Evil Queen in Snow White live-action remake

Gal Gadot is set to display more than just her acting skills in the upcoming Snow White live-action remake.

In a recent interview with GQ, the Israeli actress, who will play the villain in the Disney re-telling, the Evil Queen, revealed she took her time practicing her singing skills before auditioning for the role.

“They needed to make sure I can sing because this is a musical,” she shared, adding it was the first time she stood in an audition for a film in a long time.

“So, for a month, I was working on the song, and then I auditioned, and we filmed the song, and I got the part, and it was very exciting,” Gadot continued.

The Wonder Woman star explained her upcoming project was a challenge in itself, due to the musical element and theatrical nature of the film.

She revealed her daughter thought it was appropriate to cast her as the Evil Queen.

The Rachel Zegler-starrer, which is set for release next year, is already mired with backlash and controversy over reimagining the dwarf characters as “magical creatures,” as well as discourse over casting a Latina actress for the titular role.

In a recent interview, Zegler landed in hot water for blasting the original Disney film, calling it outdated and regressive for women. 

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